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Life’s Abundance is a company dedicated to making healthy living easier with products that are inspired by nature and informed by science. With a focus on safety, it is their commitment to use as many natural ingredients as possible. I have some recommendations down below for your puppy!

This is the food I am feeding my own dogs and the puppies! 


  •  This puppy starter kit (small size) contains an 6.6 lb. bag of Life’s Abundance Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food, a 30-tablet bottle of Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement, a 9-ounce bag of Antioxidant Health Bars, a 4-ounce bag of Tasty Rewards Training Treats, 6 6-inch Buffalo Bully Sticks, a 4-ounce bottle of Ear Care Formula, a 12-ounce bottle of Revitalizing Shampoo and an 8-ounce spray bottle of Bath Fresh Mist. Click here to check it out!
  • Small & Medium Breed Puppy Food is formulated with select ingredients to help your puppy grow and thrive. With Life’s Abundance, you can be confident that you’re feeding advanced nutrition to help your puppy achieve and maintain optimal health. Click here to check it out!
  • This puppy treat sampler is a great way to see what your pup prefers! The Life’s Abundance Dog Treat Sampler Pack contains five different nutritious and tasty dog treats. These snacks are formulated to provide your sweet canine with crucial nutrients, without adding any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Click here to check it out!
  • This shampoo is a must for when your pup gets older! Revitalizing Shampoo doesn’t just mask odors … moisture activated odor-fighters react immediately to absorb and neutralize tough pet odors. All that’s left after a bath is a beautiful coat, fragrant with a delicate citrus aroma. Gentle enough for puppies and kittens over 12 weeks of age. Click here to check it out!
  • Cleaning your dog’s ears is very important! So having a good ear care formula is also important. This herbal formula contains a special botanical blend and gentle cleansers. Ear Care Formula safely dissolves waxy build-ups and effectively removes dirt and debris. Aloe vera soothes the sensitive skin of inner ears. Gentle enough for puppies and kittens over 12 weeks of age. Click here to check it out!
Life’s Abundance

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